Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Day I Was Waiting For

As I went to bed Friday night, I had a feeling that Todd would propose at the Final Mission for HvZ. But I brushed away the thought because he hadn't seemed into it at all in the days leading up to it. But my feeling would prove to come true.
The whole HvZ week was a little crazy as I went to all the day and night missions. Monday night mission was a failure for our group as we didn't get any objectives and had the only casualties. Tuesday day mission was a mini gauntlet that I didn't make all the way through, but at least I wasn't able to be turned zombie. Tuesday night mission was also a failure because nobody found the OZ. Wednesday's day mission was very fun because we did another animal safari. Wednesday's night mission was to transport a VIP from point A to point B to point C. We got our VIP to point A, but then we were attacked by half the Horde. After surviving that skirmish, albeit losing the VIP, we ran away. In the process of running away, I tripped over a tree stump and sustained a horrible injury to my shin/knee on my right leg and gash and bruise on my left foot. I was put on a medical leave for running around during the day, but was still allowed to participate in the night and day missions. Thus, Thursday's day mission of taking on zombies one on one was way fun. Got a few zombies that way. Thursday's night mission, I was safe through being in a machine gun nest, but we still failed as the zombies were able to get through. Friday was just an overall fun day.
Saturday was the ultimate final mission. First, there was an elimination round where we weeded out the week and unpracticed humans to get the best of the best to run through the gauntlet. Going through the gauntlet wasn't all that hard as drawing out the zombies slowly allowed us to fight them better than taking them on as a full group. Six of our eight members survived. As we were celebrating our survival and the human's victory, Todd got up to thank everyone for being great players and making it an easy game to moderate. He then proceeded to talk about how there was one person he especially needed to thank as he'd been abandoning them all week. He then asked me to come up. As I was standing in front of him, he got down to one knee and the crowd got crazy. He asked me to marry him and the rest is history.
Apparently, he's been through a lot of terrifying situations, but that was the scariest thing he's ever done. At least he was able to get my name out.