Sunday, September 23, 2012

Well, we all know I suck at blogging...

This post has been a long time coming, but between work and wedding planning...there wasn't much time for anything else! Todd and I got married August 21, 2012, in the Logan Utah LDS Temple.
Le Temple

Le Me

Le Kiss

All that really means is that I've been married for a month and two days. Not sure if I still qualify as a hopeless romantic, but I don't really care.
It is kind of awkward when people ask how married life is because you're not sure if they want the honest answer or the happy honeymoon, life is all smiles and crap stuff. Marriage is tough, to say the least. And if people ask for an analogy, I tell them it is like dating on steroids.
Not that I don't love being married. It's actually kind of awesome in several ways. Someone to carry the groceries, fix the faucet, and love me when I'm all not nice and lady like.
So word of advice: don't avoid it, but don't chase it either. You have to be ready for it :)

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