Friday, June 24, 2011

I'd post this on my normal blog BUT

It's romantically inclined. Sort of -.-

On my wedding day, I will wear a dress with a corset back. Its almost a must. I think corset backs are sexy. And fun to play with and get in and out of if you know what I mean ;) And as much as I didn't want a lace wedding dress when I was younger, I think they're absolutely gorgeous. But I'm going to have to try on some dresses when the time comes to see what I like.

I think I'm also going to take out my endowments and do the sealing on the same day in a temple dress and then change into the wedding dress. At least, I think that will work easiest. In regards to temple, I don't want to be the typical Utah LDS Bride and be crunched for time with pictures at the Salt Lake temple, its really pretty and all and I'd love to get married there but Bountiful is aboslutely gorgeous as well. And Logan looks pretty awesome as well. And Ogden should look lovely once it is all remodeled.

BUT it would be so totally wickedly awesome to get married in the Rome Italy temple once it is finished. Stupid fascination with all things Italian.

And I think the colors are going to be red and gold...and maybe black. And I'm going to have a white calla lily and red rose bouquet dusted in gold and some awesome gold shoes. I already have a tiara that looks stunning that is gold with lots of cubic zirconia.

And I'm not sure if I want the reception to be at the church house, but it is free, which is good. I could do an open house to supplement and have it look prettier....not sure yet.

Look at me planning all these silly things when I'm not even in a serious relationship. Haha...its a good thing to be prepared, right?

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