Monday, March 21, 2011

Make Sure Your Kisses Mean Something

It doesn't have to mean something forever, but it has to mean something at the time you do kiss.
A Kiss Is:
-An act
-A promise
-A vision of things to come
-Most of all, important and sacred

I have kissed...let's count.
-1 - Z
-2 - K
-3 - BZ
-4 - A
-5 - N
-6 - J
-7 - C is iffy. very iffy.

I regret 3,4,6 and if we count 7, I regret that, too.

I regret 3 because it was a complete NCMO. And it could have gone a bit farther...if. if. if. Stupid boys.

Although 4 is an iffy one to regret, I should have realized the relationship/guy wasn't right. I was just deluding myself at the time.

6 is an easy one to regret because he right up lied to me. And when I called it on him, he called it blatant sarcasm. Again, not a very good ambassador for guys.

7, if it happened, never should have happened. I should have had better judgement.

1 was my first boyfriend so that is not one I regret BUT I do regret how we're not really friends and that he won't talk to me.

2 is......not one I regret, but I'm also a bit angry with him. And at myself.

5.......long story, but apparently we're not friends because he's like my homecoming date.

So my advice to those about to date, those who want to kiss, I say wait. Because kisses do matter. They're not the chocolate kind and once you've kissed, you've kissed. It's like virginity, and almost as important. The longer the wait, the sweeter the prize.

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