Sunday, November 6, 2011

Oops, Haven't Posted in a While

So here is a condensed version of events.

A lot of guys have come in and out, but there are a few that I've got things going with at the moment.

TBAH(The Boy At Home)-We went on a date during the summer that completely bombed, but I decided to give him a second chance a week ago and we went to a haunted house. He turns out to be a really nice guy. The thing is that he is an hour away, so I'm trying to keep a good distance because long distance relationships are hard. I don't want to be stuck up here in Logan, pining for him. So I'm keeping it non-committal, even though he is a sweet-heart.

Mr. TeddyBear-Because that is what he feels like to me. Warm and cuddly and always there for me. He brought me flowers a week ago, and he's been over here basically every night. I think I'm really falling for him. But I really don't want to hurt him at the same time.

Vicomte De Chagny-I haven't seen him in person since we were eight or nine. And I added him on facebook a while back so we talk every time we can. I'm not sure what more to say until I hopefully see him in December. He seems way nice. I just... Blah....

Mr.Whoknows-We flirt, we've hung out a few times, but he seems like one of those guys that...its hard to describe. I just don't know about his type.

Mr.Proper-We have the same ideology on dating. He's semi-cute and he knows how to dance. Our dance-date was cool. He's just a lot like my father in many ways. And he's very cautious. So we'll see what happens Tuesday.

Mr. Darcy-Again, its just the problem is that he is younger and far away. Itd be like four years before anything could happen. But we still email each other, so we'll see what happens.

Mr.Rogers-Gets home from his mission in Georgia in 5-6 weeks. I'm way excited. It'll be nice to have my best friend back.

Mr.West-I hope I get a letter one of these days. :)

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