Sunday, May 22, 2011

May 20th; First date in 11.5 months

So it is official. I went on a date. And the world didn't end! Take that.

Anyway, I had been trying to convince my mom to open the door because I had never met the guy and I wanted her to meet him first, but she refused. So when he knocked and then subsequently rang the doorbell because I was still getting ready, I rushed out and told him my dad wasn't home so he couldn't come in the house. Then we drove to Francisco's Mexican Restaurant in my town/city.

Did I mention he drives a manual transmission? Hahaha

Anyway, dinner went okay. We mostly talked about his mission and old companions and such. When we had finished with dinner, we still had about an hour till the movie so we spent half an hour walking around downtown, which was nice, I guess. He offered to let me drive to the movie theater, but I declined because I was worried that I wouldn't remember all that well on how to drive manual.

When we got to the movie theater, I discovered the tickets he bought was for Pirates of the Caribbean in 3-D. I had been expecting the non 3-D version. Good thing I was wearing my contacts :). So we waited for the movie to start and I discovered in the space of the movie that I was ravenously hungry. Which was annoying. But during the movie...

I laid my head on his shoulder because I was tired and all. And then I put my hand on his arm and then he started playing with it! Things ensued and long story short, we were touching for almost the whole time after that. It is the reason I hate movie dates.

And that's how the date went! He wants to go on another...oohh brother.

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